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Pointy Kaibi #1

Pointy Kaibi #1

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70 days. Seed sourced from Adaptive Seeds, description from their site- 


"Excellent early maturing dark red sweet pepper that is definitely one of our favorites. Pointy Kaibi #1 is not overly sweet for fresh eating, instead having an incredible aroma which makes it excellent for sweet paprika. Not only will this variety fill the house with an unbearably delicious aroma while in the dehydrator, it also keeps fresh longer than any other sweet pepper we have tried. Pointy Kaibi #1 can sit in a cardboard tray in the garage easily for a month, if not longer. An heirloom originally from Bulgaria. Variety given to The Seed Ambassadors Project by Real Seeds in Wales. They received it from Mitko Antonov whose family in central Bulgaria has been growing it for generations.

Seed produced by Avoca in Corvallis, Oregon."

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