2024 Gardener's CSA SOLD OUT

Picture of tomato plants

2024 Gardener's CSA SOLD OUT

$185 Big share of plants in April, May, June

$22 Home Delivery or Free Pickup in N, NE or SE Portland, OR

Our Gardener's CSA will supply you with a perfectly timed, ready to plant mix of annual vegetable, flower and herb starts that are ready to plant and are chosen to provide you with a reliable and steady harvest throughout the season.


Every garden is different but we recommend having at least 100' of garden space for all the plants!

We do not have pre chosen dates since every year can be so different weather wise. We wait for the optimal planting times and will let you know at least a week ahead of when your plants will be ready. There is flexibility for both pickup and delivery days.

For a lot of plants varieties you will be able to choose your own varieties- or we can choose our favorites for you. We have over 35 varieties of tomatoes, 40 varieties of peppers and a great selection of eggplant, squash, cucumbers and melons to choose from!

April Typically ready between the 15th and 22nd but if it is a wet, cold spring(like 2022) it could be as late as the last week of April. We factor in not only the weather but also the ability to get your garden beds ready

  • Two 6 packs Lettuce 
  • Two 6 packs Snap Peas 
  • One 6 pack Violas 
  • One 6 pack Scallions 
  • One 6 pack mixed Kale, Lacinato, Curly, Russian 
  • One 6 pack Swiss Chard
  • One 6 pack Mixed Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower
  • One 6 pack Calendula/Borage

May The May share is usually ready between the 8th and 15th but since there are a lot of heat loving plants this month we may hold it back until the 22nd if the soil still needs to warm up

  • Four Tomatoes, you can choose the varieties
  • Two Summer Squash/Zucchini, you can choose the varieties 
  • Two Winter Squash, you can choose the varieties 
  • Three Physalis, you can choose the varieties 
  • Two 6 packs Green Beans 
  • One 6 pack Lettuce 
  • Two Basil  

June share can be ready as early as the last week of May or as late as June 8th. Even in cooler years we like to have your plants ready by early June because peppers, eggplants and melons require a long growing season to produce fruit

  • Four Peppers you can choose the varieties
  • One Eggplant you can choose the varieties
  • Two Cucumbers you can choose the varieties
  • Two  Melons you can choose the varieties
  • Three 6 packs Flowers
  • One Six pack Lettuce
  • One 6 pack Dill valued 
  • One 6 pack Cilantro