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50 days green, 80 days red. Open Pollinated. Seed sourced from Adaptive Seeds, description from their site- 

"Mild flavored sweet peppers originally from the Basque region of Spain. The 6″ long, ripe red fruit start to crinkle a little on the plant when mature. We first started growing Gernika when we were searching for an excellent drying pepper for sweet paprika, and they are now our favorite for that purpose. They dry easily and the paprika is deeply flavorful. It wasn’t until we dug deeper that we found another wonderful culinary use: Gernika is famously good when green, fried up in olive oil or grilled with a little salt, much like Padrón peppers. When ripe and red they are used much like Espelette peppers. While not exclusive to the town of Gernika, they are grown throughout the region and can be found at farmers markets. We sourced our original seed from Casey O’Leary of Snake River Seed Cooperative in Idaho. She was given the seed by Lino Zabal, a Basque gardener living in Boise, Idaho, who had been growing them for over 40 years. Aka, Gernikako Piperrak, Guernica."

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