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Located on a lil' 1 acre urban homestead in NE Portland, Lil' Starts uses permaculture and biodynamic principles to grow clean, healthy produce and robust, productive plant starts for local farmers markers, restaurants and their two CSA programs.

Owners Luke & Lillian Klimaszewski wholeheartedly believe in sustainable and natural growing methods. That's why they only use non-GMO seed stock and their plants and produce are free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Lil' Starts makes their own soil mix and feeds their plants compost, locally sourced manures and plant and fish teas they ferment on their farm. These earth honoring practices, along with a good dose of community and love, ensure the best conditions for healthy, thriving plants.

Nursery Hours

Weekends: 10am-4pm
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1304 NE Gertz Rd Portland, OR




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Experience Your Local Growing Season!

Lil' Starts is excited to offer two CSA programs for 2017! Our Veggie CSA will provide you with produce you can trust was grown with high standards every week from May-Oct. Our Gardners CSA will supply you with seasonally appropriate ready to go in the ground vegetables, herbs, and flowers once a month throughout our frost free growing season, April - Sept.

Participating in a CSA is an amazing way to support your local farmer and community!

Veggie CSA

Fresh Produce Every Week
May 5th - Oct. 25th
$575 Pick-Up / $650 Delivery

Participating in a CSA is an amazing way to support your local farmer and community. We are now accepting members for our 2017 Veggie CSA program! Our Veggie CSA will provide you with beautiful produce every week for 26 weeks from May through October. You can expect some roots and fruits and at least a pound of greens every week plus all the fresh seasonal favorites. We will send out your produce list every Sunday. Out of town for a week or two? No problem. We can double up on your next delivery or offer you a credit for up to two weeks per season. We just ask for 3 days notice. Our veggie CSA is good for 2-3 adults and a family of 5. If a Veggie CSA is more produce than you can handle in a week and you don’t have a neighbor or friend to share it with we recommend ordering directly from our Farm Fresh List each week.

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Gardeners CSA

Monthly April - September
$200 Pick-Up/$225 Delivery

A CSA Program developed for Portland’s backyard gardeners! Our live plant CSA is for gardeners who want to have a diverse selection of heirloom vegetable varieties right on time to plant in their gardens. Once a month from April through September you will receive a mix of annual vegetable, flower and herb starts. The plants you receive each month are exactly the varieties that need to go in the ground at that time and were chosen to provide you a reliable and steady harvest throughout the season. You will receive a comprehensive grow guide with detailed growing information and care when you sign up. A specific plant list will be sent to you one week before your pickup/delivery date.

Our Gardener’s CSA program is good for dirt lovers with 100 square feet of gardening space or more. If you are working with a smaller space we recommend ordering off of our weekly availability list.

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Pick-Up & Delivery


Pick-Up is available at our farm from 12pm-6pm Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday or by appointment.

Lil' Starts Urban Farm                                                         1304 NE Gertz Rd
Portland, OR 97211  


Deliveries for both CSA programs go out Wednesday evenings. Delivery price is applicable to most addresses within Portland. Please contact us if you are unsure if you fall within our delivery area. Thank you!


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