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Jeff Garritano, owner, grew up in an Italian family, lived in Italy and pretty much made sausage his entire life. He grinds, seasons, stuffs, twists and packages his product himself, along with a small team in the the historic meat packing district of Kenton in North Portland. Jeff sources the highest quality, humanely raised local meats and is proud to use just meat, seasoning and salt (no added filler or preservatives). Jeff's recipes contrast from extreme ethnic authenticity (Italians, Bratwursts, Chorizo...) to creative seasonal varieties (Blueberry Maple, Heart Garlic and Wine, Lamborghini...). They are vacuum sealed and frozen immediately after finishing them so you get the freshest sausage experience possible.

When not in the kitchen Jeff can be found romping in the woods and along the river with wife, daughter and Saint Bernard Lu. 

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